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domefest application

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  • david
    Hola Domed Ones, After too long, the application for DomeFest is finally available. I tried too toss the PDF to as many of you as I could earlier today. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2004
      Hola Domed Ones,

      After too long, the application for DomeFest is finally available. I tried too toss the PDF to as many of you as I could earlier today. It should be available on the www.domefest.com site very soon. To keep things moving along, I'm embedding the text here. Please email me if you want a pdf version sent.

      We're extending the application deadline to 26 April because I've been so late in getting the application prepared. I hope that eases your pressures and allows your submissions. I'm really thrilled that so many of you have been so encouraging and excited about the Fest--as applicants and potential host theaters.

      We'll be announcing the DomeFest 2004 jury line up very soon. I think you'll agree it's a prestigious group from within the fulldome community and from the high-powered mainstream film/animation world.

      Please keep the Qs and submissions coming. I hope to see you at the Fest.

      david beining
      lodestar/domefest 2004 chair

      Dear DomeFest Applicant,
      Thank you for submitting your work to DomeFest 2004, the annual international fulldome festival presented by the University of New Mexico’s LodeStar Astronomy Center in conjunction with your submissions, participating theaters/producers, and major support from fulldome vendors and other corporations. Please carefully review the conditions and requirements listed below before submitting your productions. If you have questions, please contact David Beining at dbeining@... or +1.505.841.5985 For more on DomeFest, see www.domefest.com

      DomeFest is designed to be a summary of the excellence achieved in productions for the fulldome medium. It is an invitation to planetarians and producers, animators and filmmakers, scientific visionaries and engineers, artists and programmers, and students and teachers to participate in this unique and prestigious event. DomeFest is a traveling program. After the debut at LodeStar on June 11-12, DomeFest will be screened as a ticketed program at participating theaters internationally. DomeFest screenings will be made possible through a lease agreement with DomeFest/LodeStar and supporting distributors. DomeFest leases are intended to support participating theaters through increased revenue-generation, expanding audience demographics, and exposing fulldome theaters’ abilities and potentials to theaters’ communities and supporters. Lease and screening program details will be customized to theaters’ specific needs, resources and goals. Any lease funds unencumbered by distribution costs will be restricted for use during DomeFest 2005.

      Memo of Understanding
      1. The use of the production clip(s) provided by the participating planetariums / content providers is solely for DomeFest 2004 exhibition at the LodeStar Astronomy Center and other participating theaters between June 11, 2004 and June 10, 2005.
      2. The participating planetarium / content provider warrants it is the copyright owner of the provided production clip(s) (i.e. visuals and audio), or is authorized to approve exhibition of the production clip(s) at DomeFest 2004 screenings on behalf of the copyright owner.
      3. The participating planetarium / content provider indemnifies LodeStar, UNM, and all DomeFest 2004 distributors and presenting theaters against action by law in regard to the breach of any national or international copyright law (s) as the result of the exhibition of the production clip(s) through DomeFest 2004.
      4. Each planetarium / content provider will remain the copyright holder of the provided production clip(s). Each production will be properly credited during DomeFest 2004 screenings. (See application below for more.)
      5. Each submission grants non-exclusive, royalty-free rights for presentation as part of the entire DomeFest 2004 program.
      6. DomeFest/LodeStar is not responsible for any late or missing materials pertaining to the Festival.
      7. The decisions of the DomeFest 2004 jury will be final. A maximum of 38 minutes of submissions will be presented.
      8. Submissions selected as alternates will be presented in order of selection if finalists fail to submit proper files by the deadline.
      To participate in DomeFest 2004, please sign this form, fax to LodeStar, Attn: DomeFest, at +1 505 841 5999 by Friday, 23 April 2004 Include the original with your submitted productions (see below) to LodeStar, Attn: DomeFest, 1801 Mountain Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87104 USA. Entries must be received by Monday, 26 April 2004. I have read, understood and acknowledge the above memorandum, including the copyright assurances and information.

      Full Name:

      Please complete the application form on following page.

      DomeFest 2004 Application

      Please sign the MoU and complete an application form for each submission, if submitting multiple entries.

      Applications must be received at LodeStar by 5pm local time on 23 April 2004 .

      Application must be accompanied by original signed MoU.

      Application must be accompanied by preliminary submission content meeting the specifications below.

      Applications will be juried by a 12-member committee. The decisions of the jury will be final. A maximum of 38-minutes of submitted productions will be selected as finalists. A maximum of 10 minutes of submitted selections will be selected as alternates. Alternates will be prioritized and included in DomeFest 2004 based on the delivery of the finalists’ works.

      All submissions are reviewed with identical selection criteria: content, technical implementation, innovation, artistic achievement, production values, creativity, originality, narrative, design, entertainment value, and advancement of visualization in the artistic and scientific fields of fulldome technologies.

      Submitted work will be considered by a jury comprised of experts from all areas of computer graphics, fulldome production and storytelling. Additionally, the DomeFest 2004 chair has curatorial responsibility and discretion to select, organize, and direct the review process, and to ensure the quality of every aspect of the DomeFest 2004.

      Draft and placeholder versions of final productions maybe submitted, but must (1) substantially reflect the final work both visually and sonically, (2) be reasonably complete to demonstrate viability of meeting final version deadline, (3) include a description of production timeline (current to final delivery.)

      Submission Title:


      Total Runtime (excluding credits):

      Primary Contact:
      Mailing Address:

      Primary Production Team Members (Name & Title):

      Submission is a low resolution version of (check one):
      ___ Final Submission
      ___ Draft of Submission
      ___ Placeholder

      If not final submission, please describe the production timelines (attach separate page or include supporting documents if necessary):

      Submission is (check best choice):
      ___ Show Outtake
      ___ Show Trailer
      ___ A Short
      ___ Technique Demo
      ___ Art Piece
      ___ Other (describe:)

      Submission Guidelines:

      1. Submissions must be submitted on CD-R or DVD(+/-)R formatted for PC.
      2. Submissions must be based in "dome original" format and playable via MS Media Player 9 or QuickTime 6.0 for PC.
      3. Preferred format (alternative formats should not deviate too far from these specs):
      a. 512 x 512 pixels, 24-bit, Millions of Colors
      b. AVI file, using Indeo 5.10 codec [Available at: http://www.ligos.com/indeo.htm%5d
      c. Frame rate: 30fps
      d. Key frame every 1-to-5 frames
      e. Data rate limit == 300KBytes/sec
      f. Stereo sound @ 44.1k, 16-bit
      4. Include separate sound file: WAV, 44.1k, 16-bit
      5. Optional: You may also include up to ten (10) full resolution dome originals at the following specs:
      a. Targa file format
      b. 2048x2048 to 3600x3600 pixels (use divisions of 16)
      c. 24-bit (No alpha channel), Millions of Colors
      d. Nomenclature: Production_Title_Still_####.tga (Sequentially
      number from 0001
      up to 0010.)

      Clearly label the physical medium in English with (1) the submission title, (2) contact person's name, (3) telephone number, and (4) email address. Send your complete entry submission package to:

      David Beining
      DomeFest 2004 Chair
      LodeStar Astronomy Center
      1801 Mountain Rd., NW
      Albuquerque, NM USA
      Phone +1.505.841.5985
      Fax +1.505.841.5999

      Submissions will not be returned unless delivered with a self- addressed, pre-paid return envelope.

      Finalists and alternates will receive additional information on submitting final works after the jury’s decisions are posted 01 May 2004.

      Please add any comments or additional information you feel would help the jury understand your work:

      Good luck and hope to see you at DomeFest 2004.
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