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Re: leasing questions

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  • KDConod
    It seems that a lot of producers are using vendors to distribute their shows. Couldn t you get around the requirements by showing a couple of quotes from the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2011
      It seems that a lot of producers are using vendors to distribute their shows.

      Couldn't you get around the requirements by showing a couple of quotes from the
      vendors showing that the prices for shows don't vary much?

      Kevin Conod

      From: Jay <jayheinz@...>
      To: fulldome@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, February 28, 2011 10:26:25 AM
      Subject: [fulldome] leasing questions

      I'm posting this for Richard McColman. Please respond directly to him at
      rhm@.... Thanks.

      Being part of a state university and being governed by state government
      purchasing rules, we find ourselves in a bit of an interesting situation:

      The typical fulldome show lease for our size dome is in the $10k-plus range.
      During the first year of fulldome operations, we were able to use private-source
      dollars - dollars that aren't governed by the same degree of bureaucratic
      restrictions as are state-governed funds. Soon we will come to the end of the
      private funding source for leasing shows, at which point we will be mandated to
      use funds that are governed by strict government rules and guidelines. State
      purchasing guidelines require that any transaction over $5k must be put out to
      competitive bid if there are multiple sources. The only exception to this is if
      we can write up a justification for a sole source purchase. However, he terms
      of acceptance of these sole source justifications are very strict. We've
      typically been acquiring shows so far by going through our fulldome system
      vendor, who acts as an agent for a host of show producers. Since there are
      multiple "lease agents" in the form of system vendors, this puts us in the
      rather odd position of perhaps having to put leases out to competitive bid in
      cases where the producer won't lease shows directly to theaters.

      It's my impression that the system vendors / show lease agents derive the same
      identical pricing scales from terms established by the show producers. Or am I
      mistaken about that?

      If all show producers were to also distribute shows to theaters directly, then
      we might be able to simply go directly to the producer for the lease deal. But,
      rightly or wrongly, my impression is that not all show producers will lease
      their shows directly to theaters. We at Morehead certainly don't lease our
      shows directly, as we prefer to avoid the logistical hassle of doing so.

      1) Are we at Morehead a one-of-a-kind oddball by not leasing our shows directly
      to theaters?

      2) If not, are there any other theaters in government-purchase-guideline
      situations such as ours?

      3) If any of you are in such a situation, how have you dealt with the sort of
      scenario such as we find ourselves?

      4) Is there verifiable information that I can take to our "gods of purchasing"
      indicating that the exact same deal from a dollar/terms standpoint will be the
      result if we go through a competitive bid scenario with multiple system vendors
      / leasing agents, rather than directly to the originating producer (in the
      situation where the originating producer won't lease their shows directly to


      Richard McColman, Fulldome Theater Manager
      Morehead Planetarium & Science Center
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