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  • Dionisios Simopoulos
    Dear colleagues, Just a quick note to answer some of the issues Carolyn has raised from the point of view of a non-English speaking Full-Dome theater. It is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2000
      Dear colleagues,

      Just a quick note to answer some of the issues Carolyn has raised from the
      point of view of a non-English speaking Full-Dome theater.

      It is obvious we won't be able to use a soundtrack as is. We could use
      segments of the music, but that's about it. In addition then translating a
      show's script-narration as is does not make sense either. If we cannot use
      the soundtrack (with a star narrator) then why not make our own
      script-narration, put our own objectives in the show and produce an
      entirelly "new" show intended for our own audience.

      Therefore in my opinion the best thing for us to do in the future will be
      the following:

      1) Outline our own objectives based on our own mission statement,

      2) Write a preliminary show outline and script ideas,

      3) Storyboard the show based on the various "tools" (read gizmos or
      equipment: type of star projector, lasers, 2Pi, etc) available in our

      4) Select available scene-"software" from various sources (previous shows,
      audiovisual libraries etc),

      5) Search available scenes from various other sources (other institutions,
      NASA, vendors etc) since I never liked reinventing the wheel,

      6) Create the scenes we could not find available locally,

      7) Write the narration in our language, including all types of local
      references and "prjudices", and finally

      8) Produce the show (make the soundtrack with a local "star" in our local
      language and local music -- again taken from various sources-- etc) and
      market it with the local audience in mind.

      This way we can have the best of both worlds, local and foreign!!! and at a
      price which will be much more acceptable. In my opinion I don't want to just
      have another IMAX theater even at the reduced prices the Full-Dome Video
      provides us. I think that this new technology should give us the opportunity
      to finally be as creative as we can and not use shows from the "can".

      As far as costs and prices I would be willing to pay for various segments it
      will all depend on the quality of the segments I will get. I don't think
      that a segment which will be (or has played) in many theaters should cost
      more than $1,000 per minute max, since even the best original scenes
      produced should not cost more than between $5,000 and $20,000 per minute.
      Since I believe that this medium will soon take off like a wildfire there
      will be dozens (if not hundreds) of theaters around to sell to or buy from.
      At the same time there will also be dozens of good artists who will produce
      excellent scenes from original models. (Let us not forget that from one
      original model many more different sequences can be produced). So, it will
      behoove us to do what we always have been complaining about: concentrate on
      our own objectives and story lines and see who has the best scenes we need
      to augment our production.

      In essence what I am trying to say above is this: I don't want to be just a
      theater manager. I am a planetarium director, an edutainment producer, and
      for the first time in 33 years in this business I am given the opportunity
      to put up or shut up by producing really entertaining-educational shows that
      can be sell-outs for my local audiences.

      Thus the bottom line is this: instead of marketing complete shows why not
      market scenes of shows and let each producer do what he/she wants with them.
      We will have no real excuse not to do what we always wanted to do in the
      first place!

      Luv & kisses,


      Dionysios P. Simopoulos
      Eugenides Planetarium
      Athens, Greece
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