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4th FullDome Festival in the Jena Zeiss-Planetarium - May 4-8, 2010

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  • Schorcht, Volkmar
    Invitation to Submit The Jena Zeiss-Planetarium will host the 4th FullDome Festival from May 4th to 8th, 2010. The organizers invite all fulldome producers to
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      Invitation to Submit

      The Jena Zeiss-Planetarium will host the 4th FullDome Festival from May 4th
      to 8th, 2010. The organizers invite all fulldome producers to submit their
      latest productions to the 2010 FullDome Festival. It is open to all
      fulldome producers worldwide. For the first time, full-length feature shows
      will be admitted.
      Students are especially encouraged to contribute. Remaining a regular
      program item, the Student Festival will present, and award prizes to,
      fulldome sequences created by students at home and abroad. The Festival
      will culminate with a Saturday-night gala of the best entries in the
      categories of student contributions, professional clips, and of the winning
      full-length show.

      2010 FullDome Festival ? Events:

      1. FullDome Feature Shows
      (Full-length shows of 20 to 45 min length - Tue, May 4th till Thu, May 6th,
      Open for participation by all producers of shows produced after January
      1st, 2008. The shows selected in this category will be presented publicly
      and in full within the Feature Show Program at the Jena Zeiss-Planetarium
      from Tuesday, May 4th till Thursday, May 6th, 2010.

      2. FullDome Students Night
      (Student Festival on Friday, May 7th, 2010)
      Contributions exclusively from students enrolled at universities inside and
      outside Germany will be selected, assessed and shown in public.
      Contributions may have a maximum length of 5 min and must have been
      produced after May 1st, 2009.
      Outstanding student shows will be included in the Festival Gala program and
      are eligible for the FullDome Awards as decided by the jury and the public.

      3. FullDome Festival Gala
      (Saturday, May 8th, 2010)
      This event will present outstanding student contribution and clips from all
      areas of the fulldome medium as shortlisted by the jury, as well as the
      prize-winning full-length feature show. FullDome Awards will be presented
      to the best student entries: Creative and Performance Awards as conferred
      by the jury, and the Audience Award as decided by the spectators' ballot).

      Important deadlines:

      Registration closing date for full-length feature shows: December 15th,
      Closing date for entries of full-length feature shows: March 3rd, 2010
      Closing date for entries of fulldome clips (students and professionals):
      April 5th, 2010

      Prerequisites for entry (excerpt, for all paragraphs see to the link

      1. Participants
      Participation is open to all producers of fulldome contents worldwide.
      Provided the respective prerequisites are met with, producers may enter
      contributions in more than one category (full-length feature shows, student
      works, clips up to 5 min long).

      2. Jury
      Entries to the Festival will be shortlisted by the jury for public
      presentation exclusively at the Jena Zeiss-Planetarium during the 4th
      FullDome Festival. Award winners will be selected by the jury from the
      contributions presented.
      All entries will be assessed by common selection criteria, viz.: Content
      and treatment, technical implementation, artistic design, creativity,
      originality, narrative quality, entertainment value, and general
      contribution to the artistic, innovative and technical advancement of the
      fulldome medium.

      3. FullDome Awards
      In addition to awards endowed with prize money, the jury of the 4th
      FullDome Festival will also confer unendowed prizes for the new category of
      full-length feature shows. As in the previous years, there will be an
      Audience Award conferred to the winner of a ballot among the spectators.
      Carl Zeiss AG will again award prizes for outstanding contributions entered
      by students in three categories, each endowed with EUR 500:
      Creative Award (best idea)
      Performance Award (best implementation)
      Audience Award.
      The ?best idea? and ?best implementation" will be selected by a panel of
      expert jurors, whereas the Audience Award is selected by ballot among the
      spectators of the FullDome Festival Gala on May 8th, 2010.

      4. A Festival Reel with a maximum length of 50 min, compiled from festival
      contributions, will be made available to the participating fulldome
      theaters and other potential facilities capable of presenting it.
      The Festival Reel or parts of it may only be presented for noncommercial
      purposes. Full-length feature shows cannot be included in the Festival

      Further information and all prerequisites for entry and registration are
      available at:


      Please feel free to contact the undersigned with any questions. We are
      looking forward to all your FullDome Festival contributions.

      Juergen Hellwig, Director Jena Zeiss-Planetarium
      Micky Remann, Lecturer Weimar Bauhaus University, Media Faculty
      Volkmar Schorcht, Carl Zeiss AG, Planetarium Division

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