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Astronomy Visualization Workshop, 6-8 May 2009

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  • Ryan Wyatt
    I hadn t initially thought to send this announcement to the Fulldome Mailing List, but there is a fulldome component! We ve reserved time for special projects
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      I hadn't initially thought to send this announcement to the Fulldome
      Mailing List, but there is a fulldome component! We've reserved time
      for special projects in the dome, and we'll have a special showing
      "Cosmic Collisions" as well.


      The web page for 2009 Astronomy Visualization Workshop is up on the
      California Academy of Sciences site:

      For all out-of-towners who are interested in attending, please note
      that the Stanyan Park Hotel will hold our rooms until April 6th--
      that's this coming Monday! Call (415)751-1000 for reservations and a
      reduced rate.

      Alas, the site above does *not* include a link to register. The
      Academy will offer registration through its standard ticketing system,
      but we have run into some issues getting that set up properly. Our
      hope is to have it up and running by the end of the week. I apologize
      for the delay.

      And just to recap...

      The California Academy of Sciences will host an Astronomy
      Visualization Workshop, 6-8 May 2009.

      A rough schedule for the three days: Wednesday, 6 May, will be a full
      day of talks with an evening reserved for special demonstrations in
      the planetarium and 3D stereoscopic theater; Thursday, 7 May, will
      offer up more talks culminating in a VIP lounge at the Academy's
      weekly "NightLife" event (and you won't need to buy scalped tickets on
      Craigslist); and Friday, 8 May, promises a shorter collection of talks
      as well as a potential field trip or possible on-site movie preview.
      We are reaching out to several Bay Area companies and institutions to
      enrich the workshop with some astro-interested innovators.

      As you may recall, we have timed the workshop with a concert of the
      California Symphony on 3 and 5 May 2009, featuring list member Jose
      Francisco Salgado's interpretation of "Astronomical Pictures at an
      Exhibition," which has already shown at the IYA opening festivities in
      Spain. We are arranging for transportation to the event, which takes
      place about an hour east of San Francisco. To find out more about the
      concert, check out the California Symphony website:

      Also, beginning 22 April, the Academy will also be hosting the "From
      Earth to the Universe" exhibit organized by our friends at the Chandra
      X-ray Center:

      More than 1.1 million people have visited the Academy since we
      reopened in late September 2008, and more then 250,000 have already
      experienced our debut planetarium show, "Fragile Planet." The Academy
      also boasts a stereoscopic theater that makes use of Dolby's
      impressive 3D technology, and our "Science in Action" exhibit features
      a two-by-two power wall. For more information on the Academy and our
      LEED platinum building, you can check out our website:

      And for more on NightLife, take a look at our own page, or track us on

      If you're dying to give a talk, or especially if you would like time
      in the planetarium or 3D theater to show off some of your work, please
      contact me as soon as possible and include "astro-viz" in the subject
      to make my life a wee bit easier.

      We hope you can join us in San Francisco in a little over a month!

      Ryan Wyatt, Director
      Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization
      California Academy of Sciences
      55 Music Concourse Drive
      San Francisco, CA 94118
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