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Full dome upgrade survey

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  • Rick Greenawald
    Dear Full Dome Community, I am in the process of putting together a proposal and business plan to upgrade the Faulkner Planetarium to full dome video. In doing
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2009
      Dear Full Dome Community,

      I am in the process of putting together a proposal and business plan to upgrade the Faulkner Planetarium to full dome video. In doing so, I am interested in gathering information and data from theaters that have already made the upgrade to full dome to aid me in making projections on attendance trends, operating costs, marketing plans, etc. In order to gather this information, I would like to turn to this group, which seems the obvious place to start, for assistance. If you wouldn't mind taking the time to answer the following survey questions, I would greatly appreciate it. You can send replies directly to me at my email address below. I will also gladly share the results of the responses with everyone in the group. The more responses I get, the better for my statistics and the more valuable the data to others. I am particularly interested in responses from theaters in the United States, but I am happy to accept replies from everyone.

      Here are the questions:

      1.) How long has your theater been open with full dome video?

      2.) Attendance:

      a.) Did your theater experience a change in attendance?

      b.) What was the percentage of the increase or decrease?

      c.) Can you put the increase into hard attendance numbers pre and post upgrade?

      d.) Has any upturn in attendance been maintained?

      e.) If attendance leveled off or dropped, is the sustained level above pre-full dome levels?

      f.) If there was a "honeymoon" period for increased attendance, how long did it last?

      3.) New Shows:

      a.) When you open a new show, do you get an attendance bump?

      b.) How long does a typical attendance bump for a new show last?

      c.) How often do you open a new show?

      4.) Ticket/Membership prices:

      a.) Did your theater raise ticket prices when you upgraded to full dome video?

      b.) What are your current ticket prices?

      c.) Does your theater, or parent institution, have a membership program?

      d.) What are the current prices for memberships and tickets with a paid membership?

      5.) Budgets:

      a.) What is your annual operating budget, excluding salaries?

      b.) Can you roughly break down the budget into sub-categories such as show production, show purchase, maintenance/consumables, marketing, etc.? (Even percentages would be helpful.)

      6.) Marketing:

      a.) Do you actively market your programs to the public and school groups?

      b.) How do you market your theater?

      c.) What are your most effective marketing strategies?

      7.) Can you please provide a little information on your theater?

      a.) Dome size.

      b.) Seating capacity.

      c.) Number of shows offered per week.

      8.) Can you provide some quick community demographics?

      a.) Population of immediate community.

      b.) Population within a 100 mile radius.

      c.) Median income, if possible.

      Here's a little bit of background information on the Faulkner Planetarium and our community. We have a 15.2 meter (50 foot) dome with a seating capacity of 144. We are part of the Herrett Center for Arts and Science at the College of Southern Idaho. The museum is a smaller facility with about 25,000 square feet and includes anthropological collections and displays, an art gallery, a small gift shop, a community room and observatory in addition to the planetarium. We charge an admission to planetarium shows, but museum admission is free. We are located in Twin Falls in rural south central Idaho. The city population is around 40,000 and there is a population of roughly 92,000 in the micropolitan area (roughly 100 mile radius). Twin Falls serves as the economic hub for this region. Median income for a household in the city is roughly $42,600 and median family income is $48,600. The per capita income is roughly $16,400.

      I appreciate any and all responses, even if you cannot answer all of the questions. Thank you for your time.

      Rick Greenawald
      Manager, Faulkner Planetarium
      Herrett Center for Arts and Science
      College of Southern Idaho

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