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  • Mark C. Petersen
    ... Yes, in essence exactly . That s what we did, for instance; take the dome masters I created for the ending of MarsQuest in our IPS demo. I started
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27 11:27 PM
      Mark Webb guessed:

      >My guess is that if Carolyn, or anyone, made the decision to market a
      >hybrid media show as "fulldome" then they would in the end wind up making
      >some concession toward translating the multi-media content into dome masters.
      >This is an intriguing idea. It meets the production constraints that
      >Carolyn spoke of while keeping the compatibility advantages of fulldome
      >intact. In essence you would be distributing a piece of all sky artwork.

      Yes, in essence exactly <g>. That's what we did, for instance; take the
      dome masters I created for the ending of "MarsQuest" in our IPS demo.

      I started with our original flat art panoramas, already digitized from
      their artboard origins. Then, using Dave Miller's SkyVision plugin to
      Digital Fusion, created the dome masters. (Sky-Skan now includes this tool
      as part of their SkySuite). Next, I added layers of Martian atmosphere,
      clouds, etc, into the circles. The resulting dome master is indeed an
      all-sky. In fact, ours are now in Category Q of our Image Library; anyone
      can license them to read into DigiDome (PolyDome, ChimPANzee, what have
      you) to make conventional all-sky slides. The point is, that yep, in
      fulldome you're projecting all-skies, just 30 of them per second. Ektapros
      can't cycle that fast <g>.

      >The user would need a utility that would take the single frame and copy it
      >with sequential frame numbers. (Would you want to slice the single frame
      >and then copy, or copy and then slice up the duplicated master frames?)
      >This would make the hybrid show truly fit within a stricter definition of
      >Perhaps such a utility already exists.

      After Effects, Digital Fusion, any program that takes still frames as input
      and outputs Targa streams can do that. But even simpler, if a few more
      keystrokes -- you copy the frame to Clipboard, then repeatedly paste until
      you have number of frames you want. Then most any Rename utility will have
      a numerate function. My main image viewer, ACDSee, does very well at
      that. NameWiz is another; there's a freebie called RenameFiles I use a lot.

      As we look toward enhancing our current production assets in making
      fulldome programs, "translating multi-media content into dome masters" is
      something I envision Loch Ness Productions will be doing a ton of in the

      >> Mark

      Mark C. Petersen mark@...
      Loch Ness Productions http://www.lochness.com
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