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SIGGRAPH Urgent Reminder

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  • Ed Lantz
    This is a reminder that those wishing to participate in the SIGGRAPH 2003 Course and Exhibition should contact me ASAP (no later than noon Wednesday, Jan. 8th)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2003
      This is a reminder that those wishing to participate in the
      SIGGRAPH 2003 Course and Exhibition should contact me
      ASAP (no later than noon Wednesday, Jan. 8th) with the
      following information:

      Presenter Name and Affiliation (an alternate presenter may
      later be substituted)
      - Presenter will briefly introduce fulldome content
      - Ideally presenter is an animator, art director or producer
      of content
      - Presenter may also introduce content of others as
      a compilation (requires appropriate copyright

      Presenter's Contact Information
      - Email address, mailing address, phone number

      Presenter's Bio (100 words or less)

      Total Run Length of Content to be Submitted
      - 30 minute maximum
      - Short submissions (< 5 minutes) will be compiled
      (no presenter required)

      Details for Content to be Submitted (may be revised at
      a later date)
      - Titles of all pieces (if available)
      - Full-resolution hemispheric still frame from each
      piece (if available)
      - Major credits for each piece incl. producer, animators,
      etc. (if available)

      I've relaxed the initial Submission Requirements since
      many have yet to decide what specific material they will
      submit. My primary goal is to get a letter of interest from
      all those desiring to participate and some idea of how much
      material you wish to submit by this Wednesday.

      Sorry if I've not contacted you directly... I just returned from
      my Florida vacation and am rushing to finish my proposal
      to SIGGRAPH, which is due Wednesday evening. Suffice it
      to say that if you or your company is producing quality fulldome
      content, I want you to participate. Student submissions are
      welcomed as well, but may be folded into a compilation of
      student works with a single presenter.

      The projection system will consist of dual QXGA projectors
      with fisheye lenses (Spitz's ElectricSky II configuration). We
      currently are planning to accept material as 1536x1536
      resolution frames. Any additional processing will be handled
      by the volunteer team. If you are interested in volunteering
      or donating equipment in exchange for sponsor recognition
      please contact me.

      For more information, please see initial announcement below.

      Ed Lantz
      610.459.5200 x27



      Full Dome Video Graphics Production Course and Art Exhibition

      SIGGRAPH 2003 Conference

      Exhibition Date: Sunday, July 27, 2003
      Course Date: Monday, July 28, 2003

      Exhibition Location:
      Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego, CA
      Course Location:
      Morning: Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego, CA
      Afternoon: San Diego Convention Center

      This is a general call for participation from the fulldome
      community for a full-day course to be presented at ACM's
      SIGGRAPH 2003 conference this July 28th. We are primarily
      looking for high quality fulldome content, including show clips
      and student works, mastered at 2200x2200 pixel polar
      resolution or greater. Content will be presented during a
      3-hour morning session in the Omnimax theater using Spitz's
      ElectricSky II system. Two projectors will be overlaid to achieve
      sufficient brightness for the 23 meter dome, requiring on-site
      reformatting of one projection channel to ensure image
      registration. A specification will be released early next year
      for dome master formatting, transfer and titling guidelines.

      Producers of selected fulldome content, or representatives
      thereof, will be invited to briefly introduce their work. Since
      the audience will consist mostly of artists and animators,
      a short (5-minute) presentation featuring artistic, technical
      and budgetary challenges would be appropriate. Unfortunately,
      full conference registration and other compensation cannot be
      offered to all participants.

      The course will continue in the afternoon at the San Diego
      Convention Center with selected lecturers on fulldome
      production techniques.

      The Omnimax theater will also present a 15-minute art exhibition
      on Sunday evening for the Siggraph community featuring
      selections from submitted material. The show will be cycled
      throughout the evening, allowing up to 3000 attendees to view
      the content.


      If you are interested in submitting fulldome content for
      presentation, please provide a letter of interest with a list
      of material you propose to submit including title, run time,
      master format, producer, animators, and date of production
      for each piece. State in your letter that you have permission
      from the copyright holder to use their material. Also please
      submit a single full-resolution still image from each work
      (TARGA with RLE compression or JPEG acceptable). Email,
      FTP or CD-ROM submissions are acceptable. Maximum time
      available for each presenter is 30 minutes. Real-time
      presentations will also be considered (contact me for
      details and discussion). Letters of interest are due by
      Friday, January 3. Early submission is encouraged.

      Course organizers will select up to 150 minutes of material
      for invited submission of final dome masters and audio files.
      Approximately 6-8 producers will be invited to introduce their
      works. Short student works are also encouraged, with a single
      representative introducing the set of works. Full reels (lo-res
      VHS or AVI files) for proposed content may be requested
      prior to final acceptance. Commercial advertising beyond
      standard logo and titles is not acceptable. Notification of
      acceptance will be issued by February 15th, and final dome
      master/audio inputs will be due by mid April.


      Other opportunities to participate include volunteers for
      setup/operation/teardown, suggestions for alternate projection
      schemes (email me ASAP), loan of equipment including RAID
      arrays (badly needed) and PC's for image processing
      (email me for complete list). Recognition will be given
      to all participants.

      The SIGGRAPH 2003 conference chairs and the Reuben
      H. Fleet Science Center have issued a special invitation for
      this course to be presented at the RH Fleet Omnimax theater.
      However, the final decision to provide the course is pending
      acceptance of course proposal by SIGGRAPH in early
      February. Course capacity is 300 persons.


      Please submit letter of interest with images or further inquiries to:

      Ed Lantz
      Product Development Manager
      Spitz, Inc.
      US Route 1
      Chadds Ford, PA 19317
      tel: (610) 459-5200 x27
      fax: (610) 459-3830
      email: elantz@...
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