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  • Len Specht
    Hum, how about Digital Dome Graphics (DDG)? Len Specht http://BreakthroughMedia.com 860.236.7827
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 9, 2002
      Hum, how about Digital Dome Graphics (DDG)?

      Len Specht
    • Mark C. Petersen
      ... No turnaround, Ed. I ve always been in favor of something that looked good on the dome, regardless of format. My main detraction was from that angle --
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 9, 2002
        On 7/9/2002, Ed Lantz <elantz@...> cajoled:

        >Let me first say to Mark that I'm impressed with your turn-around. You have
        >gone in a few short years from one of the most vocal detractors of video on
        >a dome to a producer of dome video content.

        No turnaround, Ed. I've always been in favor of something that looked good
        on the dome, regardless of format. My main "detraction" was from that
        angle -- from the hardware (cheap LCD projectors, VHS tape) to the "hit 'em
        with a blast of snow, then the picture rolls in..." presentations -- you
        know what I mean. Then there's what you actually show with the hardware,
        but I digress.

        Now, the technology has advanced enough to make "something better"
        achievable, possible. Still, nothing is simple, and there are a gazillion
        tradeoffs, not to mention maintenance, alignment, reliability issues all
        around. But at the Western Alliance conference in Eugene, for example, I
        saw a video all-sky look better than a photographic allsky when A/B'ed,
        panoramas that had color saturation and scalability. Dang, now we're
        talkin'! 'Course it was a half-million dollar system, but what of that.

        Steve Savage is actually more my "enabler", as it were. This year for IPS,
        in order to show *anything* in the theater, it would need to be in fulldome
        video. We've been getting the questions for quite some time now, "Is Loch
        Ness going to be providing content for these fulldome systems?" So we're
        finding out <g>.

        >As a traditional planetarium
        >producer, I would be curious to hear more about your experience with video
        >production and how it compares to traditional techniques, including
        >storytelling effectiveness, production costs, range of effects, etc.

        Ask me after IPS -- I'd be curious too. <g> Up until now, no one's
        produced a "traditional" 2-D planetarium show in fulldome. With Sky Quest,
        and the clips from the other shows we're doing in our demo, we'll now have
        a chance to see what Loch Ness shows look like in this new
        medium. However, we are taking advantage of the opportunity to transcend
        the limited 2D medium, as you'll see. The MarsQuest pans now have skies
        above 'em, Venus has clouds and lightning over its pan, we can create a
        whole dome montage without worrying about lenses on a dozen projectors, we
        can zoom things wherever without worrying about inverse square law. For
        now, though, we're concentrating on doing things in "enhanced 2D" -- we are
        not starting over from scratch with 3D modeling and rendering. We're doing
        the kind of show you would expect to see at an extremely well-festooned
        planetarium. Well, at least what I would expect to see <g>.

        And we'll have a chance to see how our traditional planetarium-style
        storytelling holds up when played back to back with Oasis In Space,
        Infinity Express, Passport to the Universe. And I'm sure people will be
        most interested in dollars all around -- how much LNP product will
        eventually cost in dome master form, how much did what cost to produce, how
        do those dollars compare to the 3D wowzers, and on anon. As I said, I'm
        curious too.

        >Do you
        >now think that digital video is the future of planetaria, or are you just
        >keeping up with the market?

        I do not know if digital video is the future of planetaria, but I do know
        the future is probably not in slide-based shows, so there you go. Whether
        this means I'm keeping up with the market, or simply being buffeted by the
        winds of change, I can't say. A lot of places are still slide-based, and
        doing well -- and we'll keep serving them. As to how long... well, that's
        why we have IPS meetings, to gauge these things!

        Ryan chimed in:

        >Anyway, dome masters are the closest thing to a standard we have at
        >this point. A dome master is simply a circular fisheye-ish view of
        >the entire dome. I think Spitz, Sky-Skan, and E&S can all deal with
        >dome masters; I know we can.

        We too are creating dome masters; I've got 3200x3200 targa streams
        rendering in the background right now. As long as a video system can pump
        out circles at 30 fps, we should be okay (and this should include
        MediaGlobe, in theory).

        >In mid-June, Minolta kindly set up a MediaGlobe on the sixth floor of
        >the Rose Center, and we used the opportunity to try creating a few
        >movies for the MediaGlobe to play. With a brief period of
        >experimentation, we weren't able to create appropriately-formatted
        >files to run on the MediaGlobe. More time would have helped, and we
        >hope to try something out soon. The folks at STScI have created
        >sequences that run just dandy on the MediaGlobe, so I don't think
        >this is a serious problem -- just a snag.

        We too haven't been able to get our files to run on MediaGlobe, though in
        theory they should. Phil Groce has had several test discs of ours since
        MAPS, and despite following what I think is every step in the manual,
        they're not playing -- yet. I too am sure that this is just a snag -- if I
        had a MediaGlobe here, I'm sure I could figure it out. We hope to show our
        theater demo on the MediaGlobe at IPS, so one could compare/contrast... but
        we're still in the waiting mode (Hello Phil!). I do think the MediaGlobe
        has a positive future ahead of it.

        >> Mark

        Mark C. Petersen mark@...
        Loch Ness Productions http://www.lochness.com
        __________________________ GEODESIUM _________
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