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The 5% Disagreement

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  • Ryan Wyatt
    Another short one! I swear! ... I have always worn my preference for fulldome video on my sleeve (like many of my preferences, actually), since I initially
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2002
      Another short one! I swear!

      Ed Lantz brought up his 5% disagreement with me:
      >Let me first say that I agree with Ryan on 95% of his points over
      >the last weeks. But his latest defense of fulldome video hints at a
      >bias that borders on elitism, IMHO.

      I have always worn my preference for fulldome video on my sleeve
      (like many of my preferences, actually), since I initially saw the
      technology. I believe I engaged in a full- versus partial-dome
      debate with you the first time I met you, Ed. :) I don't exclude
      anybody from that discussion, so I don't see how it's at all elitist.

      >Not to mention he is knocking a fine product that I developed and
      >Spitz has installed in 10 theaters to date.

      I have no intention of knocking anybody or anything. From what I've
      seen of Spitz hardware and content, you folks do a great job. And my
      understanding is that you sell fulldome video systems, too. My only
      intention was to complement Alex Barnett's defense of partial-dome
      video with my own ideas about fulldome.

      >A "fulldome" experience is a partially immersive experience.

      Good point. But by definition, a "fulldome" experience fills the
      domed projection screen; thus, I'm simply arguing that one should
      maximize the impact of the presentation by maximizing the steradians
      covered by moving imagery. Would you put opto-mechanical stars on
      only part of a hemisphere...?

      >A well-produced panoramic video production can have well over 80% of
      >the impact that a fulldome has, in my experience.

      How does one measure that? 80% of what numerical representation of
      impact? Obviously, we're in highly subjective territory here. (And
      as I said at MAPS, image itself is subjective!)

      >I find it strange that you are attacking those that only bought half
      >as many edge-blended projectors as your facility.

      Whoa, whoa, whoa! "Attacking"? I don't attack people, and I don't
      attack institutions: I attack ideas. Let's be fair here.

      I'll just close by noting that I have in the past put my
      (institution's) money where my mouth is. When I was Director of
      Theaters at the LodeStar Astronomy Center, I fought for fulldome
      coverage over higher-resolution partial-dome coverage. I think it's
      most often the right choice for institutions planning to move in this
      direction. I've already expressed my reasons for thinking so.

      Once again, thanks for reading.

      Ryan Wyatt, Science Visualizer
      Rose Center for Earth & Space
      American Museum of Natural History
      79th Street & Central Park West
      New York, NY 10024
      212.313.7903 vox
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