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  • ryan_j_wyatt
    ...Come see our new planetarium show! From our web site (http://www.amnh.org/rose/): Does life exist anywhere else in the universe? Ancient mythologies and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2002
      ...Come see our new planetarium show!

      From our web site (http://www.amnh.org/rose/):

      "Does life exist anywhere else in the universe? Ancient
      mythologies and contemporary science fiction have
      presented imaginative possibilities, but how does modern
      science approach this question?

      "'The Search for Life: Are We Alone?' at the Rose Center
      for Earth and Space begins to answer this intriguing
      question in a breathtaking new Space Show narrated
      by Academy Award-nominated actor Harrison Ford."

      You can also read the New York Times review, which
      appeared yesterday, at:


      Although every single visual went through various artistic
      and aethestic filters, the resulting material presents real
      science in a fulldome medium in a manner that no one else
      is attempting, so far as I know. The images of Mars's
      surface come directly from the Pathfinder stereoscopic
      imagery (rendered in three dimensions). The sequences
      depicting stellar birth and planetary accretion utilize data
      from half a dozen researchers integrated into a single
      virtual space! (On the New York Times web page, you'll
      see an image of the "Hayden Nebula," as we nicknamed
      it: a virtual star-forming region that exists only after more
      than 100,000 hours of supercomputing time invested in
      its construction and rendering.) And just like the original
      space show (with Tom Hanks narrating), observational
      data fixes all the star positions and galaxy positions.

      Forgive me if I prattle on. As some of you may know, this
      show is the main thing that brought me to the Rose Center,
      and I'm delighted to see the hard labors of more than a year
      come to fruition.

      So if you come to New York, I hope you can take time
      to see the show!

      Ryan Wyatt, Science Visualizer
      Rose Center for Earth & Space
      American Museum of Natural History
      79th Street & Central Park West
      New York, NY 10024
      212.313.7903 vox
      212.313.7868 fax
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