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Virtual Storytelling Workshop

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  • Ed Lantz
    Anyone working with realtime 3D in a dome might want to present at this workshop. It is healthy for digital dome projects to get exposure outside of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2002
      Anyone working with realtime 3D in a dome might want to present at this
      workshop. It is healthy for digital dome projects to get exposure outside
      of the planetarium community.

      Ed Lantz


      International Virtual Reality Conference
      IEEE VR 2002
      March 24-28, 2002
      Orlando, Florida, Orlando Marriott Hotel

      Dear colleagues,

      IEEE VR2002 - one on the leading VR conferences - has asked us to
      organize a workshop on Digital Storytelling for March 25th, 2002 in

      We know of your interests and research in virtual reality and related
      areas and would like to invite you to submit an EXTENDED ABSTRACT for
      this workshop by Feb. 11, 2002 to:


      The workshop organizers will review, collate and group them into a
      coherent full day workshop.

      Notification of authors will take place by Feb. 17th.

      Full papers will be due to March 10th.

      Please let us know as soon as possible an indication of your intent to
      submit a paper or not. And if you have a tentative title, and authors,
      please let us know too as soon as possible.

      Thank you very much. We are looking forward to a favorable response.

      With kind regards,

      Sina Mostafawy
      Martin Goebel



      Workshop at the IEEE VR2002 25. March, 2002



      Virtual worlds have become technically perfect more and more. Software
      and hardware are developed to that one could see virtual scenarios
      with high visual complexity. Also acoustical and haptic senses are
      involved in modern virtual installations. The new challenge in
      virtual environments is the narrative part. The experience is the very
      new way of storytelling. As we see the high speed of development in
      the game industry, the need for new forms of storytelling is
      apparent. Virtual Reality is also more and more present as a marketing
      and commercial instrument. The fascination of 3D-immersive
      installations is still unbroken. The goal is to improve the content.

      Virtual Storytelling will be one of the important progresses in
      virtual reality. Professional dramaturges and directors have to be
      able to work on stories in VR. We have to develop interfaces and tools
      for them which enable them to work on virtual sceneries. These tools
      should include the narrative as well as the technical and creative
      issues, for example camera tracking, light moods...

      Virtual Storytelling as a narrative potential is the topic of this
      workshop. The workshop aims at bringing together researchers from the
      area of AR/VR technology, human computer interaction, AI, as well as
      psychologists, SF authors, and other people with a vision of what
      storytelling in immersive virtual reality environments should
      look. The goal of this workshop is to showcase, develop, and discuss
      concepts for better virtual storytelling methods, tools and
      collaborative work between computer scientists and
      creatives. Additional to involve ideas towards the realization of
      interfaces enabling narrative and creative virtual sceneries.


      Topics addressed in this workshop include:

      Storytelling Tools:
      - Storytelling methods in VR
      - Tools and interfaces for Storytelling

      Intuitive Interaction:
      - Natural human interaction
      - 3D interaction techniques
      - Deep immersion and how to achieve it

      Innovative AR/VR Interfaces:
      - adaptive and intelligent interfaces
      - collaborative AR/VR, tele immersion,
      - mobile and wearable computing interfaces
      - AR/VR applications of the future

      Synthetic characters:
      - human modeling and simulation
      - conversational agents
      - interface issues
      - social implications

      PARTICIPATION & PAPER (extended abstract) SUBMISSION

      Workshop attendance will be limited. Attendees to the workshop will
      each submit a short paper. The paper can either be a summary or
      extended abstract of the attendee's own work, addressing one of the
      workshop's topics, or their vision on one of the workshop themes. The
      top of the first page should include title, authors' names,
      affiliations, address, and email address.


      Biography of workshop organizers

      Sina Mostafawy

      Dr. Sina Mostafawy born 1967 in Giessen (Germany). He made his
      primary school in Tehran (Iran) and came back to Germany 1981 for high
      school. After finishing high school 1986 he started to study
      Electronic Engineering in University of Siegen. After finishing the
      university he started 1993 at the (GMD) German national center for
      information technology his Ph.D. in computer graphics. The topic of
      the Ph.D. was retinal image visualization of the human eye. The
      challenge was the combination of two scientific fields to simulate the
      human vision. On the one hand rendering techniques from computer
      graphics, and on the other hand optical and physically based methods
      for simulation of light refraction and reflection. Sina Mostafawy was
      creative director of GMDs first public cave presentation with the
      approach of storytelling in virtual worlds, presented 1997 at Cebit 97
      in Hannover. 1997 he finished his Ph.D. and founded the spin off
      (rmh) for virtual reality installations. Since then rmh did quite a
      number of large scale immersive virtual installations with
      storytelling content. They mostly have been presented at international
      fairs and exhibitions. Dr Mostafawy has been program committee member
      of ICVS, the first virtual story conference in France in 2001.

      Martin Goebel

      Dr. Martin Goebel is head of the Virtual Environments Division in
      Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's Institute for Media Communication. Martin
      Goebel was born in 1955. He studied Computer Science at the Technical
      University of Darmstadt where he received the diploma degree in
      1982. From 1982 until 1986 he was research assistant with the
      Interactive Graphics Systems group at the Technical University of
      Darmstadt. 1987 he joined the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's Institute for
      Computer Graphics where he headed the Simulation & Visualization
      department. During this time, Goebel performed R&D projects in
      Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality and was teaching these
      subjects at Darmstadt University. He established and coordinated the
      application oriented Fraunhofer Demonstration Centers for Virtual
      Reality in Darmstadt and Stuttgart between from 1993 to 1995. In 1996
      he joined GMD (now FhG) where he headed the first European
      CAVE-like-set-up in Bonn in 1996. Martin Goebel received the
      Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) in 1990 from Darmstadt University. He is author and
      editor of several books on Graphics Standards, Visualization and
      Virtual Reality. He has chaired four Eurographics Workshops on Virtual
      Environments from 1993 to 1998, has been program co-chair of the
      EUROGRAPHICS '95 and '98 conference, the IEEE VR 2001 & 2002,
      conference Co-chair of the Virtual Enviromnments'98 conference and has
      been program committee member of the most significant conferences in
      VR and visualization for several years.

      dr. sina mostafawy

      [rmh] - new media gmbh
      beethovenstr. 5-13
      50674 köln

      tel: +49-221-27225-0
      fax: +49-221-27225-10


      NOTE: IEEE VR2002 Registration is up at http://www.vr2002.org Our
      special event will be at Universal Studios -- including a special
      tour of Spiderman 3D. -- Mike
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