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  • Daniel Donnelly
    An Example of Collboration for a film/dvd ... Worldwide Documentaries Inc is a not-for-profit film production company focusing on subjects of social, cultural,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2006
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      An Example of Collboration for a film/dvd ...

      Worldwide Documentaries Inc is a not-for-profit film production company
      focusing on subjects of social, cultural, and humanitarian concern. The
      President of Worldwide Documentaries is Academy Award nominee Robert

      Worldwide projects have been sponsored by more than forty foundations,
      corporations, and philanthropic organizations around the world.
      Corporations that included General Motors Corporation,Eastman Kodak,HSBC
      USAFoundation,Edgebrook Foundation, Maurice Falk Medical Fund, George
      Gund Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The John D. and
      Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Royal Marks Foundation Fund, The
      Open Society Institute, The Rockefeller Foundation, Broadway Cares,The
      John M. Lloyd Foundation, The Morgan Family Foundation, Truman Heartland
      Community Foundation, Robert Kessler Studios, Music A La Carte, Post
      Central Inc and Skywalker Sound.

      An Australian based Not-for-profit organisation at which time I was a
      director of, in conjunction with Hopscotch Home Entertainment and
      Worldwide Documentaries Inc, (I would like to note here on a SHOESTRING
      budget e.g. less that what one would spend in a Pub after work on a
      friday night) were successfully able to negotiate educational and
      distributional rights for the film within Australia & New Zealand.

      In addition our organisation was able to negotiate with Kino Dendy
      Cinemas, Melbourne and Sydney for regular screenings of the film for the
      general public, as well as an educational kit that including A guide for
      Teachers A guide for parents, A guide for Students, Feedback and
      Evaluation forms.

      Our study guide was recognised by representatives from the Education
      Department, The Office of Youth Affairs, State and Federal Health
      Departments and members of the community including students, teachers
      and principals. The study guide was also reviewed by ATOM, (Australian
      Teachers of Media), to ensure that it complied with curricular

      We were able to then, and the organisation is still continuing "sell"
      the packages to community groups, businesses, schools as well as to the
      general public complete educational and/or entertainment programmes and
      have screenings and photographic exhibtions on a regular basis across
      Australia and New Zealand.

      I am happy to admit that it was a lot of hard work for a very small
      number of Young Aussies involved for this to successfully occur; relying
      on our Not-for-profit status for the bulk of funds, in kind support, and
      calling in a lot of favours!

      Think what the International Fulldome/Planeterium Community could
      accomplish with a great concept that would generate widespread publicity
      and appeal to the wildest possible audience with such a diverse and rich
      pool of immense talent and skillsets.

      Could be a bloody great show I reckon mate! As well as do a hell of a
      lot for the promotion of Fulldome and Planetariums!

      Daniel Donnelly
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