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669IPS Planetarian: 2nd Issue Fulldome Articles Posted

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  • Ed Lantz
    Jan 8, 2006
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      Hi All,

      The second Special Focus Issue of the Planetarian on "Digital Domes and
      the Future of Planetariums" is now available online at:


      To access it scroll down to "Special Focus 2" toward the bottom of the

      Papers include:

      "The Powers of Ten with a steering wheel on the Global Visualization
      Superhighway" by Carter Emmart, American Museum of Natural History, Rose
      Center for Earth and Space

      "Digital Domes and the Future of Planetaria" by Mark Matthews, Visual
      Acuity, Ltd.

      "Digital Planetariums for Everyone: Astronomy Visualisation in
      Reflection" by C.J.Fluke & P.D.Bourke, Centre for Astrophysics &
      Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology

      "Spherical Mirror: A New Approach to Hemispherical Dome Projection" by
      Paul Bourke, Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing, Swinburne
      University of Technology

      Thanks to all the authors for taking the time to share their fulldome
      visions and expertise. These and other fulldome papers are invaluable
      for those applying for funding for research or programming. Please keep
      them coming, folks! To publish an article in the Planetarian, please
      check out the guidelines at:


      On a related note, John Mosley is retiring from the Griffith Observatory
      and is departing soon as Executive Editor of the Planetarian. Kudos to
      John for encouraging the fulldome special issues and my personal thanks
      for supporting me as guest editor for the series. The word is that
      John, his wife Barbara, and his 18 inch reflector telescope are moving
      to a community in Utah where light pollution is prohibited. May you and
      Barbara have many clear, dark skies ahead of you, John!

      Ed Lantz
      Visual Bandwidth, Inc.