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657Re: Fisheye Camera

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  • Kemper Barkhurst
    Nov 1, 2005
      Here are a few screen shots from B&H. I find them to
      be the best place on the web to do comparative
      equipment research, though I tend to shop locally once
      I figure out which model is best. Camera's that have
      the full sensor or 1:1 (equivelant size to 35mm film)
      will state this multiple times in both the features
      and specifications. This is a major selling point for

      Camera's that do not will state this information as
      the "focal length multiplier." This is the
      magnification that occurs whenever the sensor is not
      35mm. Say you have a 20mm lens and you put it on the
      Canon 20D, you'll end up with the equivelant of a 32mm
      lens. Nikon has developed "DX" lenses that corrects
      this magnification issue. The only problem is they
      don't make a circular fisheye in this type of lens.
      To push this line they haven't developed a full frame



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      Hue Walker Bumgarner-Kirby <huewalker@...> wrote:

      > I tend to like to sjoot in low light conditions... so I'm
      > reluctant to go with the Kodak.... which Canon models
      > are folks using??? Which Canons would work well with
      > the Nikkor lens???

      > and I'm confused about the 1:1 chip spec.... when I
      > look at the specs on cameras, I don't seem to find any
      > info about whether or not it uses the full chip... how
      > would I spec that????
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