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656Re: Fisheye Camera

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  • Hue Walker Bumgarner-Kirby
    Nov 1, 2005
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      I tend to like to sjoot in low light conditions... so I'm reluctant to
      go with the Kodak.... which Canon models are folks using??? Which
      Canons would work well with the Nikkor lens???

      and I'm confused about the 1:1 chip spec.... when I look at the specs
      on cameras, I don't seem to find any info about whether or not it uses
      the full chip... how would I spec that????


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      Date: Nov 1, 2005 7:15 AM
      Subject: Re: Fisheye Camera
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      Hi Hue... I'm in Africa (Kenya, Tanzinia and Eqypt) right now using two Kodak
      14n cameras... the only issue with these digital bodies is in low light
      conditions and the noise level can be high... this has been improved with the
      newer Kodak SLRn version bodies and the 14n version is still quite usuable (I
      have one of each) for everthing other than low light imaging. The bodies come
      in both a Canon and Nikon mount, but you will need to get them through eBay
      since Kodak is no longer making them... a good condition SLRn will probably
      cost around $2700+, the older 14n, $1800+. I am using a Nikkor 6mm fisheye,
      the best lens I've seen... again eBay, probably about $2300+ since they are in
      demand now. The Kodaks are great if you tie them to a laptop with the FireWire
      port... then you can shoot with direct control from the laptop and see large
      previews as you shoot... also the files are saved directly to the laptop, so
      you have almost
      unlimited disk space as compared to CF cards, etc... great for long time-lapse


      PS: Can you forward this to the fulldome group... I can't do it since I am using
      a special international setup to check email and it will not be accepted by
      yahoo, just bounces back... take care!

      Hue Walker Bumgarner-Kirby
      Multi Media Development Specialist
      ARTS Lab
      University of New Mexico
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