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602Planetarian Forum Request

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  • Ed Lantz
    Aug 22, 2005
      Steve Tidey, editor of the Forum column appearing in IPS's Planetarian
      publication, asked me to post this on the fulldome list:


      A while back Ed Lantz asked me to consider having a digital
      planetarium-related question for the next Forum column in Planetarian.
      I agreed and between us we came up with a topic for discussion which
      should interest everyone on this listserv, as it concerns the general
      direction in which we want to see the planetarium world develop
      over the next 10 years or so. Here it is:

      "Given the inevitable growth of digital planetarium technologies, what
      positive impacts might this technology have on the planetarium
      profession in the coming decade, and what 'digital guidelines' do you
      think the planetarium profession should follow to realize this vision?"

      I'd like to encourage anybody on this list who has an opinion on this to
      send me your considered response, for publication in the December 2005
      Forum column. Don't worry if it may only be a paragraph; any
      contribution is welcome. Just remember to send it to me at
      stevetidey@... by October 9 at the latest, not to Ed or posted
      to this listserv, as I can't assume that anything appearing on this list
      is free to copy and paste into my column. That would get real
      complicated, real quick... And please note that my email address has
      changed from the sabreshockey.com one that's now defunct. (Fortunately,
      the team isn't and I'm rooting for them as usual in the upcoming ice
      hockey season).


      Steve Tidey