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575Need feedback on science materials

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  • Carolyn Collins Petersen
    May 8, 2005
      Dear Colleagues,

      I will be attending the "Communicating Astronomy with the Public"
      meeting (http://www.communicatingastronomy.org/cap2005/) in Garching,
      Germany in June and am giving a talk on the role of the planetarium in
      science communication. I've been asked to focus part of my presentation on
      how planetarium facilities use materials from research institutions like the
      Space Telescope Science Institute, the large observatories like Chandra,
      Keck, Gemini, organizations like NASA, ESA, ESO, and so on.

      There are a number of different "products" that flow from these
      organizations, some of which are aimed directly at planetarium use, and
      others at broader (perhaps classroom) use. For purposes of this paper, I'm
      focusing on the planetarium-related applications only.

      While I have my own opinions about many of the materials we get from
      institutions (either directly or through such venues as distribution at
      conferences or along with The Planetarian), it's more important for the
      attendees to hear from a broad cross-section of users about the information
      they disseminate to planetarians.

      This is where YOU come in. Your specific feedback about what materials
      you've used, how you used them, how useful they were, and what suggestions
      you have to make them more applicable to your specific situation is
      needed. I welcome comments from any producers or users, i*ncluding vendors
      who make use of these materials in their products.*

      Your commentary can help make a case for products and offerings that best
      serve the needs of all planetarians, from one-person domes to large
      facilities, show producers, and of course, the public audiences we ALL

      To facilitate sharing your feedback, I've posted a survey form at
      <http://www.lochness.com/cap_survey.html>. Please take a few minutes to go
      there and share your thoughts and ideas. I will share the aggregate
      here and in publication later this year. In all cases, your identity and
      that of your institution WILL be kept confidential and not posted, sold, or
      printed in the final paper.

      Thanks for your help and support.
      Carolyn Collins Petersen
      Loch Ness Productions