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4613Re: Distribution Agreement?

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  • Mario / Discovery Dome Europe
    Jul 22, 2014
      Hi Diana

      It depends what you mean by 'distribution agreement'? At Dome Club we operate a successful gate-share agreement with a number of fulldome artists - meaning no money changes hands beforehand, but they receive a percentage of ticket sales when we screen their work.

      For this to be viable though, the artist needs to have enough content to allow us to programme a 'feature' show consisting solely of their work ie. at least 35-40 min long. Dome Club will then sell tickets for that performance and it's easier to calculate the gate-share.

      Of course Dome Club started at a fixed planetarium - where the gate-share was 40-50% in favour of the artist - yet now that Dome Club operates mainly in mobile domes (and I have to rent premises, pay staff, etc), the most I can offer artists is 5% of ticket sales. Happily many have agreed to the reduction and their work continues to be screened.

      Things are looking up for Dome Club and our gate-share partners too, as for the first time we've been invited to screen content in a semi-permanent music festival dome (http://bit.ly/aug14kcdc). So some of our fulldome artists will be benefitting​ from this new opportunity too.

      Let me know if you'd like to see a copy of our simple gate-share agreement.


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