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4609Re: [fulldome] small dome + fisheye on a reasonable budget

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  • Greg Mancari
    Jul 21, 2014
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      Just my 2 cents on LED projectors
      LED projectors have a hard time giving you good color because of the ridiculously low foot lamberts you will get from it. Obviously the dome itself is another part of that equation as well but having a low lumen projector just makes it that much harder. lamp life is very nice but you have to know that the content you will see up on the dome will not be the same for people that have UHP lamps. This could be a problem when creating content seeing as you will have to really make the colors punch to see them on an LED projector but when you bring them up on a UHP they can look garish and really off.

      Greg Mancari
      Draco Consulting LLC
      p. 720.985.5540
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