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4606Re: small dome + fisheye on a reasonable budget

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  • digital_chaotics
    Jul 20, 2014
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      It sounds like we're on the same journey.  I'm almost done with mine.  Everything has arrived, and I'm doing the final setup today.


      Specifically, the RP-AV36FL  (3 foot).  They imply that there's a four-foot version, but that was too large for my office.

      - perfect size to hang above my desk
      - the inside color is a beautiful matte gray
      - very, very lightweight
      - < $400 (including shipping)

      - none so far!


      LG PF85U: Portable 1080p LED Projector with Smart TV and Magic Remote | LG USA


      - extremely long lamp life (30,000 hours)
      - full 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080p) native resolution
      - 100,000:1 contrast ratio
      - re-purposable (it's a full-on set-top box, with tuner, WiFi, ethernet.blah blah blah)
      - $1299

      - 1000 lumens (the specs say "up to", and they're not kidding - it's more like 500)
      - long throw, so the projector is 8+ feet away
      - no zoom
      - not 3D ready

      For me the lamp life & native HD resolution were the overriding factors.


      - hang the dome a couple of two ceiling hooks and some 18 g wire threaded through the already-drilled holes in the flanged rim of the dome.  (I told you - it's really lightweight)   ($6)
      - small dome tilt created by more wire and a couple of suction-cup hooks  ($3)
      - projector is mounted across the room, bolted onto a prosumer tripod ($75), projecting over my head

      TOTAL COST:  approx. $1750

      All of this stuff arrived on Friday, so I am literally going to press "Send" and do the final setup.  Fun times in the Lab!  I'll let you all know how things go!

      Ken Scott
      Digital Chaotics LLC
      Digital Chaotics

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