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4603small dome + fisheye on a reasonable budget

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  • antoinedurr
    Jul 20, 2014

      We're looking into getting a small dome in the 2m range to support creating fulldome video productions.  We've previously used a Visionstation dome mounted on the ceiling, but it wasn't a full 180 degrees, and the projector was very dated (VGA res, not enough light, pretty bad color fringing).  But it was enough to give us a good sense of how things landed on the dome, and was convenient enough that any of our animators could just go and view their quicktimes on it at the spur of a moment.  Ergo, we're not expecting to be able to seat more than two or three people under it, and realize that the small size comes with some caveats, but unfortunately it's as much space as we can dedicate to it at this time.

      How close can we get to this approach with a budget in the US$3000-$5000 range?   I'm up for repurposing a dome from another industry if that's what it takes, e.g. attaching a frame and mount to something like an architectural dome, but would prefer something a bit more off-the-shelf.  We'd need a fisheye lensed projector that's quiet and compact, as people would be sitting right next to it.  Good color and ideally good resolution are important, though color fidelity is probably more important as resolution will be a compromise anyway.  Ideally the projector would support active stereo so that we could work in 3d if needed.

      The last time around we used RV to play back imagery which worked pretty well.  I've been toying with Scratch PLAY lately which has a nice approach to wrangling imagery on dual monitors, i.e. your interface is on one monitor and the playback is on another, thus the resolutions don't have to match.  The only unfortunate aspect is neither of these systems has any warp correction built-in.

      Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.   Thanks,

      -- Antoine Durr

      VFX Supervisor

      Day's End Pictures

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