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4573projectors for large domes?

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  • Kris McCall
    Jun 23, 2014
      The Sudekum Planetarium in Nashville, Tennessee, opened in 2008 with a 19.2 meter dome tilted at 12.5 degrees and seating 166 persons. We currently have two Sony S-110 SRX projectors, but I expect to replace these projectors in the fall of 2015 or 2016.

      Does anyone have experience with or opinions about the Sony T615 or Christie 4K25? We really need to keep it a two projector system.

      I would be interested to hear about performance, maintenance, reliability, brightness, and contrast. If there are other projectors to consider, please let me know.

      Feel free to comment off list.

      Many thanks.

      Kris McCall
      Sudekum Planetarium
      at the Adventure Science Center
      Nashville, TN