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4525DomeNavi.com - a production resource - is UP!

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  • Ken Miller - GOTO USA
    May 12 11:48 AM
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      For more than 50 years, GOTO INC has produced planetarium shows for
      hundreds of planetariums worldwide. They have painted thousands of
      images, panoramas, and all-sky still pictures. They filmed miles of
      70mm film with fisheye Astrovision cameras in exotic locations around
      the world. And since inventing VIRTUARIUM - the first color, fulldome,
      realtime rendering video system - in 1996, they have also created hours
      and hours of fulldome animations.

      Until now, this content was largely unavailable to outside producers.
      But now GOTO INC has opened the doors to its image libraries with a new
      planetarium production website: DomeNavi.com Using this website,
      show producers can search by keywords to find and purchase still images
      and fulldome and conventional movie clips quickly and easily. Producers
      who register (free) can also get instant price quotes on the images or
      clips they desire.

      We invite you to go to DomeNavi.com to see the Japanese language
      website, or to click on the "English" button at the top of the page to
      be sent to the English language page. There is a very wide array of
      imagery already up, and daily, more is being scanned or converted from
      our other media libraries into this site. Pick a few keywords, and see
      what DomeNavi.com can do to boost your next show's production values at
      very affordable prices.

      If you have questions that aren't answered on the website, please
      contact Ms. Yuka Sato directly at <y0807sat@...> She will be
      happy to help with images and clips, or will also be happy to lease you
      a whole show too!

      On with the show!......... (with DomeNavi.com)

      Ken Miller - GOTO INC, USA Liaison
      5715 Susan Drive East
      Indianapolis, IN 46250
      Phone: +1 317-537-2806 Skype: gotohybrid
      e-Mail: gotousa@... Web: www.goto.co.jp
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