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4512Re: [fulldome] newbie question

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  • planetarium4u
    May 6, 2014
      thanks Ron, doubtful we are going to produce our own programming.... But I see the Clark is looking for show ideas/scripts.  I have a dynamite one about the Spanish explorers naming the Southern Constellations (and putting a previously undiscovered sky-map up there to help future navigators/explorers).  I use it for the Spanish classes, teaches vocabulary, culture, history, and of course CONSTELLATIONS! - and some good astronomy stuff in the constellations. I would really love to talk to Clark about producing it....wide popularity could be expected. But it is the intellectual property of my employer since I developed it while here. Besides, I am freaked about divulging anything more specific without our lawyer in on it. But I'm open to hearing from you about any interest you may wish to express. ty.
      Mike Miller
      Glenfield Planetarium
      Montclair, NJ
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