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  • Ka Chun Yu
    Aug 29, 2004
      Hi Tom,

      > Does anyone know of an existing image of the full Moon at 8K or
      > more... probably a composite mosaic of lots of images so it has lots
      > of detail. We need one for a scene in a show we are working on now
      > in which the moon takes up a large percentage of the dome... we have
      > been using some great images from the Full Moon book that are from
      > the Apollo missions and what we have found to date does not compare
      > in quality to those pics taken with a 5x5 inch negative camera on the
      > Apollo command module. The Apollo flights did not take anything at
      > full.

      > The best image we have found so far is from Lick, but it exists only
      > as an 8x10 print and does not have enough detail when scanned
      > probably because of the original negative size... it's quite an old
      > image, back before digital technology was common. Clementine imagery
      > is not of high enough rez as well.

      The best is actually from NOAO, taken by Travis Rector at the 0.9 m
      telescope at Kitt Peak; see


      where you can download the full resolution 8211x8652 image. This was
      composited from a number of median filtered short exposures of the Moon,
      plus long exposures to create the deep sky background. It was taken
      using the MOSAIC camera which is an 8192x8192 CCD, covering 59 arcminutes
      per side in one shot at the 0.9 m.


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