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  • marklnp
    Mar 20, 2014
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      Hi, all. 
      I’ve posted Web versions of three presentations I made at the recent IMERSA Summit, as articles in the Loch Ness Productions Reference library.

      First up: what’s become an almost annual tradition — my State of the Dome Address This time around, my talk was a bit more condensed than in previous years, but there’s plenty of food for thought provided, as I review how our profession is faring in these times of economic stress.

      Then, in two other panel discussions, I offered some insights about how we work. At conferences like IMERSA, instead of passing around business cards, attendees are often seen passing around hard drives; we picked up a couple ourselves. Here at Loch Ness Productions, we get in hard drives from show producers on a regular basis — and I have to be organized, donning my IT officer hat, when dealing with the massive amounts of data.

      In Ingestion Indigestion, I discuss what exactly I want to see on the hard drives we take in… and what I don’t!

      Then, in Using After Effects to make fulldome movies for distribution, I discuss what exactly I do with the frames and audio on those hard drives once they’re ingested.

      Hope you find them useful!

      >> Mark

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