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4467Re: Projection software

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  • Schorcht, Volkmar
    Mar 3, 2014

      Greg Mancari is right with the brightened blend zone caused by the grayish residual light of all standard projectors. In the blend the residual light of both (or even three) projectors adds up and generates a brighter zone within the overlaps. Hardware blends in front of or within the lens are used to block the residual light. The results are acceptable but almost never absolutely perfect. Most critical content, where blends easily get visible are single color backgrounds like the blue sky.

      There is one exception to this rule: projectors with extremely high contrast don’t need hardware blends/masks. ZEISS designed the VELVET projectors exactly to achieve perfect blends. With a contrast ratio of 2.5 million to one there is no residual light in the background and therefore no need of hardware blends. With proper calibration blend zones disappear totally.


      Volkmar Schorcht


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