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4451Re: [fulldome] Fulldome simulation of the evolution of the Universe?

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  • Chris Maytag
    Feb 25, 2014
      I can't add to what Greg and Chris Hudson had to say in terms of content being available.

      I've been playing with ways to create a "good enough" fake fulldome version of this very sort of sequence, with varying results. Am currently playing with high-particle count fluid simulations with polygon boundaries acting to restrain flow. Rendering with Krakatoa. But not happy yet enough with any of the ways I've gone about it, and I only want a short sequence, not the whole evolution, for my purposes.

      I've also had some initial discussions with someone who does cosmological simulations for research, in an effort to suss out just how hard it would be to get real modern cosmological evolution simulations into the dome. My initial sense based on those discussions are that a) it's entirely possible to do, and b) it's totally not doable without real funding for personnel and computing resources. Essentially, you need money to pay for a grad students' time, another fulldome person's time, and a whole bunch of computing time and resources, preferably run by the people who do actual simulations themselves, since the software is research software more than it is production software: ENZO, Yt, etc.


      Chris Maytag
      Studio Manager
      Fiske Planetarium
      University of Colorado, Boulder

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