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4448RE: [fulldome] Fulldome simulation of the evolution of the Universe?

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  • Christopher Hudson
    Feb 24, 2014

      Congratulations Mario on getting such a grant.  It sounds the way to go with fulldome art.  Let me know if you want to do something Newcastle-based.


      Don't know if these might help:


      For free fulldome material, there is some now rather elderly material from HubbleSOURCE on  'Cosmic Cruising' , galaxy collisions and a globular cluster.  All fairly short, but I've used the 'Cosmic Cruising' as background...



      Back in 2005 Carlos Frenk and the Institute for Computational Cosmology produced a 3D anaglyph movie which is perhaps the sort of thing you are thinking off although it's obviously not full dome.


      Carlos has been generous with his time to the Centre for Life in the past and might be worth approaching for a collaboration.  They certainly have the simulation data!



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