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4446When galaxies form abruptly...

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  • Matthew Linke
    Feb 23, 2014

      So I am filling my kitchen sink to do some dishes. Company is coming.
      Suddenly I notice that a spiral galaxy has spontaneously formed in my
      sink. Great. Just great. Can't get away from work for a minute. Now I
      have billions of stars messing up my sink. Super novae, nebulae, Dark
      Matter, and black holes-- that will probably all leave stains. Okay. A
      black hole in the sink might prove useful. Anyway, then there are all the
      sentient species demanding to carry on with their lives, each knowing that
      it is a double sink kitchen.

      Sometimes Sunday mornings are just too much!

      Hope yours is better,

      Matt Linke

      Matthew Linke
      Planetarium Director
      State Chair, Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA)

      University of Michigan Museum of Natural History Planetarium
      Room 4508 Museums
      1109 Geddes Ave.
      Ann Arbor, MI 48109
      734-647-1381 (voice)
      734-647-2767 (fax)

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