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  • Mark C. Petersen
    Feb 5, 2014
      Hi, all.

      You might be interested in a recent article I authored on the Loch
      Ness Productions blog.

      It's a multi-page post in which I address some of the issues behind
      our policy of shipping only ready-to-play fulldome movies to our
      customers, and not dome masters.

      This topic has been the subject of spirited discussion, with firmly
      held views in philosophically opposing camps often stated
      emphatically. Since I deal with the subject frequently enough, I felt
      compelled to elucidate the reasoning behind our policy, so I could
      simply point people to it when the need arises.

      The situation is one where we can't please everyone, but we can at
      least try for understanding and enlightenment.

      I hope it provides some food for thought. Happy reading!


      >> Mark

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