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4428Re: VLC Warper or VLC warp movie player

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  • Mark C. Petersen
    Jan 30, 2014
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      1) Yes. VLCWarper is the same program as Paul Bourke's VLCWarp. Loch Ness Productions is a reseller. We wrote some additional documentation for installing and configuring it. See http://www.lochnessproductions.com/software/vlcwarper/vlw.html

      2) Sorry, there is no demo or trial version. If you're unsure about VLC, we suggest installing an unmodified copy (it's free to download) to see if it plays your fisheye movies satisfactorily on your computer. If it does, VLCWarper will too; it simply warps VLC's video output, according to the assigned mesh map.

      3) We have no Windows version of Paul's meshmapper. But you may not need it; unless you're doing something way out of the ordinary, the provided stock mesh maps will work for most spherical mirror systems.

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