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4424RE: [fulldome] Re: Non-oriented shows

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  • JEAN VICTOR Vincent
    Jan 28, 2014
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      Hi everybody.
      I can see this subject is finally interresting a lot of people, perhaps people having the same problem and thinking they are the only ones...
      As I have thrown the rock in the pond (don't know if this expression exist in english, but you must understand what it means...), I had a lot of private answer, so don't be hurt if I don't answer everybody...
      Just about the number of  non oriented planetarium, reading your message, Mark, I guess we don't have the same numbers...
      According to the Worldwide Database (http://www.aplf-planetariums.info/en/index.php) :
      2326 fixed planetarium (any size)
      Digital : 203 concentric ; 510 oriented.
      Optomechanical : 759 concentric ; 180 oriented
      Hybrid : 87 concentric ; 636 oriented
      We have 889 concentric and 979 oriented and... 458 unknown...
      Of course, there can be some mistakes... but we are far from 10% !
      How do you find 10%, and what size is for you a "smaller fixed dome" ?
      Also, I guess that changes are mostly optomechanical becoming numeric... so if you upgrade your planetarium and you don't want to change the seats, you become a numerical concentric...
      Best regards.

      Vincent JEAN VICTOR
      Planetarium of Nantes

      8 rue des Acadiens

      F-44100 NANTES


      Tel. +33 2 40 73 99 23
      Fax. +33 2 40 73 90 40

      n Ville de Nantes

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