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4416RE: [fulldome] Non-oriented shows

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  • JEAN VICTOR Vincent
    Jan 28, 2014
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      Hi Ron.
      You said everything that had to be said : the market is changing, and yes, zenith plays an important role and duplication can be a good idea.
      However, it can be another way : imagine you have 2 item to show (for instance, the Moon and the Earth), you turn to let everybody seeing both in front of him. So one see first the Moon, and the other see first the earth.
      Now, for something completelly different, I saw your mail about your new job. I didn't notice you were not anymore at Ott planetarium ! I hope you'll be able to follow on with blender production and training, and I hope too we will work again together like for "Sizing up Space", a couple of years ago !
      Best regards.

      Vincent JEAN VICTOR
      Planetarium of Nantes

      8 rue des Acadiens

      F-44100 NANTES


      Tel. +33 2 40 73 99 23
      Fax. +33 2 40 73 90 40

      n Ville de Nantes

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