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4414Re: [fulldome] Non-oriented shows

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  • Jason Fletcher
    Jan 27 2:11 PM
      Heya Ron,

      Standing on earth, looking up at an actual sky simulation, we definitely keep the the sky still and try not to confuse the audience. The planets rise from the expected point of the horizon as in reality. We will occasionally  zoom a planet, just so the audience can see its detail, but they have no trouble making that mental leap. Or we will show a timelapse of the jupiter moons, but as long as you come back to the real sky then they are able to make that connection. Often when we are on earth looking at the real sky constellations/planets then we are presenting a live show; The Sky Tonight or such. So we are careful not to introduce any new misconceptions and show the sky as-it-is. But in our fulldome produced shows, well its all context sensitive. So it comes down to whether its a science message or emotional connection to the stars. What is the audience takeaway?

      By the way, congratulations on the new gig! I'm excited to see you continue work in the fulldome industry, as I have always been supportive of your community fulldome blender work. Wishing you all the best in a new workplace.

      Jason Fletcher
      Charles Hayden Planetarium

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