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4342RE: Automating the moving of dome masters into sub-folders

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  • marklnp
    Dec 21, 2013
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      Related thoughts to what the others have replied:

      I keep a folder of empty numbered folders around for the purpose, and copy that each time I need to make a new show of 10k-in-a-folder frame sequences.  Once I've decided where I want the new show to be, just drag and drop.

      In the real world here at Loch Ness Productions, the need to do this splitting up the mondo folder occurs often enough, but not enough to have necessitated an automated process.  Once the source folder has finally been read in and files displayed, my process is: scroll to the bottom, scroll up to the nearest "#00000" frame, select from there to the bottom, drag to destination.  Rinse and repeat. Only takes a matter of minutes.

      An automated move of *.* might not tell you if any frames are missing.  You can tell using the manual method above -- you should see how many frames are selected in the status bar.  If it's not 10,000 -- aha!

      You can also tell this by selecting the destination folder to see how many objects it contains after the move.

      Finally, I've made a habit of not *moving*, but copying files first, then deleting the originals afterward.  It only took one time of the moving routine to learn my lesson. The destination hard drive crashed halfway through. The originals that had been moved had been deleted from the source drive, and I couldn't pull them off the crashed destination drive.  They were goners.

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