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4338anaglyph stereo/fisheye render in 3DS MAX?

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  • Eric Knisley
    Dec 20, 2013
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      Howdy folks,
      Got a question for you all. A few years back, I needed to create some
      fisheye-type animation rendered in anaglyph (red/blue) stereo in 3DS MAX
      2009. After some experimentation, I found a good solution: cebas
      finalRender's fisheye camera combined with the XIDMary stereo video post
      plugin. Worked great! Alas, time marches on, and when I loaded up my old
      scenes into my current version of 3DS MAX (v. 2013), they failed to
      render--at all. I was able to start the video post sequence, but all it
      did was render a black image and then crash the program.

      Does anybody have any suggestions? Cheaper is always better, of course.
      I've already worked through a few possibilities, with no joy yet, but
      I'm not giving up! I know that if a solution exists, somebody on this
      list has it. Any info much appreciated.

      I'm on the road to NYC the next few days, and will catch up with y'all
      after the holidays. I wish you all the best of times, and I hope you get
      everything you wish for plus happy surprises. Cheers,


      Eric Knisley
      Cartoonist | Illustrator | Animator | Photographer
      Carrboro | NC | US | www.silent-k.net
      +1 919-491-7406
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