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Re: mind-blowing immersive visual music experiences

  • Ben Gondrez
    Dec 18, 2013 Expand Messages
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      Hello Fulldome Community!

      With all of this discussion about immersive art and music experiences
      I thought it would be a perfect time to let you all know about project
      being developed at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery in Fort
      Collins, Colorado. Over the past few months I have been scouring the
      web and contacting artists in search of creative, experimental, and
      artistic fulldome content.This was in preparation for launching a new
      program: Dome Club US (using the name with the permission of Mario, of
      course). Through this program we hope to bring artistic and
      experimental fulldome productions to our local community, to inspire
      our city's many artists and creative types to pursue their own
      creations. This idea has grown and developed, and with the wonderful
      content we have recieved from you, we are ready to launch with our
      first event happening in January 2014.

      Dome Club will consist of monthly events featuring different artists
      and their work. Eventually, we plan to include workshops and other
      events to support the creation of original content by local creatives.
      However, we don't want the experience to stop with Fort Collins and
      Northern Colorado. Dome Club will create an on-line community of
      artists and enthusiasts, through social networks and our website, as a
      place to come together and learn about fulldome production and
      happenings in the fulldome community. We hope to connect not only
      locally, but with the wider global community of fulldome artists and
      producers that already exist. To that end I'd like to invite all of
      you to visit us and join our community on Facebook
      (http://www.facebook.com/domeclubus), Twitter
      (http://www.twitter.com/domeclubus, Google+
      (https://plus.google.com/101225212910536820295/), and our website

      If you would like to ask questions, share ideas, or are interested in
      having your work included in Dome Club, I can be reached by email at
      bgondrez@... or phone at (970) 416-2434.
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