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  • Christopher Phillips
    Dec 17, 2013
      I completely agree with Mario on this issue. 

      The problem is that science museums, contrary to belief, are not cauldrons for creativity.
      In fact, most science museums are devastatingly traditional, stomping out individual creativity and entrepreneurial instinct. This also reflects on the domes that are attached to such institutions. 

      Here in the states, music programming has been a popular attraction for dome audiences for decades! Yet, in the UK it is struggling to take off, despite being a revenue generator.
      Domes must diversify if they are to survive! Traditional astronomy programming will simply not cut it when it comes to bringing audiences into domes, one must look for other avenues with which to explore exciting new content and indeed new avenues of communicating science.

      Quite simply put, if you do not diversify your programming experiences you will become extinct.
      With the arrival of new devices such as the Occulus Rift, which has an unparalleled level of immersion, domes will find it harder and harder to compete for people's attention and will be left behind by the inevitable march of new tech.

      In fact, I'm willing to place good money that devices such as Occulus Rift and future iterations of such tech, will not only displaces domes in the teaching of astronomy in the classroom, but also other disciplines too. They are cheap, can be installed en masse in a classroom or lab, and provide an incredible level of immersion and interactivity. 
      If you're not convinced, go try one. It will blow your mind!

      The old guard will soon find that the world has left them behind - Indeed it is already starting too.


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