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4329[fulldome] mind-blowing immersive visual music experiences - experience of one planetarium

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  • dparson
    Dec 16, 2013
      Christopher wrote:

      > Can we sell fulldome as a musical experience?

      We have been doing some research into interactive planetarium simulation-game-as-musical instrument, see




      based on prior work with this:


      Local talent, and headed toward a greater degree of audience participation using mobile devices.

      I think there is product potential with this. Haven't had time to dwell on that yet. Production software takes a lot of time for a professor with a 12-credit teaching load and an increasing number of undergrads who want to do research with me in a planetarium. I'm even doing labs with entry-level Photoshop/Illustrator students:


      I think *interactive* may be the key.

      Dale Parson
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