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4325New fulldome software available: VLCWarper

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  • marklnp
    Dec 13, 2013
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      VLCWarper: Warp-on-the-fly movie player for Windows (and Mac)

      Finally, fulldome theaters with spherical mirror systems are no longer limited to running movies on the Mac platform!

      Fisheye movies for spherical mirror systems need to be distorted or warped, so the projected result on the dome looks correct. Paul Bourke's Mac OS-X movie-player application WarpPlayer could do the warping "on the fly", but for years, there was no Windows solution. PC users had to go through the laborious process of "pre-warping" their movie content, feeding frame sequences into IMGWarper for Windows, then making new movies from warped frames — a time-consuming and error-prone multi-step effort.

      Huzzah! Paul has now incorporated warping capability into Videolan.org's popular, open source cross-platform media player VLC. So we now have warp-on-the-fly movie players for Windows and Macs both!

      Head to the Loch Ness Productions Web site at warp speed -- for VLCWarper!


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