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4273FIREFALL - The Story of Comets, Meteors, Asteroids & NEOs

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  • gjetson1959
    Oct 20, 2013
      CONTACT: George Fleenor
      GeoGraphics Imaging & Consulting
      FIREFALL – The Story of Comets, Meteors, Asteroids & NEOs
      Bradenton, Florida – October 20, 2013
      GeoGraphics Imaging is proud to announce the release of the new fulldome show – FIREFALL. From the producers at Eastern Florida State College Planetarium ( Formerly; Brevard Community College) and GeoGraphics Imaging, this new show is based on the original script by Philip Groce; Written by George Fleenor, Philip Groce, Mark Howard and Joe Tucciarone.
      The show is narrated by Philip Groce, Mike Harvey and Rita Moreno; with Original Score and Sound Design by: Troy McClellan/Full Dome FX, Inc. The program features current, up to date science/impacts and designed not be “dated” for at least 19 years. The show also features the animation talents of Mark Howard and Joe Tucciarone. The run-time is 32 minutes.
      Show pricing is based on resolution needs and comes with a 50 year license. Please contact GeoGraphics Imaging for more information. www.geographicsimaging.com
      GeoGraphics Imaging is the sole distributor for FIREFALL.
      - END -
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