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4262RE: [fulldome] Fulldome Production Storage and Network Solutions for 4k and beyond

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  • Paul Mowbray
    Oct 13, 2013
      Thanks for chiming in Antoine and Chris

      The whole caching thing makes a lot of sense, need to check out the price points.

      More smaller NAS seems to be the way forward from responses here and other people I've been speaking to.

      So that poses the question what OS to use? 

      Windows server is going to get a bit expensive over several devices I think, although I'm not sure what the price point and limitations are of the storage only addition as it seems to be OEM only, so what other OS's might be an option if going a more home brew approach?

      I actually favour something more off the shelve and turn key this time around but would love to know what OS others are using to power there NAS.


      Paul Mowbray
      Head of NSC Creative
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