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4212GeoGraphics Imaging Celebrates Christmas in July

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  • gjetson1959
    Jul 8, 2013
      CONTACT: George Fleenor
      GeoGraphics Imaging & Consulting
      E-Mail: geographicsimage@...

      GeoGraphics ImagingCelebrates Christmas in July

      Bradenton, Florida – July 8, 2013

      GeoGraphics Imaging is proud to announce Christmas in July withsignificant discount specials for those interested in purchasing the fulldome holidayshow The Alien Who Stole Christmas.
      Take your visitors ona tour of winter's evening sky and then join jolly ol' Santa and concernedalien, Mr. Freep, as they explore the solar system's planets and meet theChristmas Eve needs of their fictitious inhabitants. The 35 minuteprogram is divided into two parts; the winter eve star walk (14 minutes) andthe main story of The Alien Who Stole Christmas (19 minutes). The programis fun for all ages and will be an asset to any theater's holiday line-up.

      To preview thetrailer or the whole show:

      Price includes 50 year perpetual license. For pricing informationcontact: geographicsimage@... george@...

      This special pricing is through GeoGraphics Imaging only and not throughany other vendors.

      For those who have already purchased TheAlien Who Stole Christmas, not to worry, we have a gift for you as well!