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42Immersive Greetings

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  • George Ordway
    Nov 17, 2000
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      From Florida - the Land of National (US) Turmoil.

      Just a couple of tips from an All-Dome Production facility.

      My production suite is primarily Mac Based MP G4's. I'm using
      QuickTime as my cross-platform file format – so far so good. I
      had some problems with Mac .tga files working on my SkyVision
      Renderer, but QuickTime has taken care of my compatibility issues.

      MacroMedia Flash:
      I've discovered that I can use Flash to quickly create some very
      compelling animations for Full Dome Video. I have great control over
      the location of content (including text). Flash is Vector-based; I
      create a movie that is small (400x400) so I can play back the
      animation at 30 fps. When I am happy with the animation, be it space
      ships flying to the moon or credits spiraling around the center of
      the frame, I export as a QuickTime movie at whatever resolution I
      want (2200x2200 – 4400x4400). Flash scales the Vector-based
      graphics up as it creates each frame and the end result is a
      beautiful high-resolution movie ready to be exported as a .tga
      sequence and rendered in SkyVision. If you're an educational
      facility Flash retails for only $99.00.

      A question for the experienced:
      Is there interest in creating and distributing among members a
      Standard Star Field model for the various 3D packages? I have a few
      software packages in my Tool Kit (Electric Image 2.9, Form Z, Strata)
      and will be looking into MAYA, Light Wave, etc. in the future. I need
      an accurate star field to use in my space animations.
      If we had the same star fields I think it would help in the
      continuity of our shows as we mix and match sequences when shared or
      purchased content becomes available. I know a stylized star field has
      its place, but I'd like to see if we could adopt a realistic star
      field as a standard and share it among the membership.

      Best regard,

      George Ordway
      theOrdway R&D


      Director of Planetaria
      Pensacola Christian College
      Pensacola, FL 32523
      850-478-8480 x5036