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4190Re: High-res Dome Viewer?

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  • cpm5280
    Jun 23, 2013
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      Hi Mario,

      I think the easiest way to go would be to use a 3d application (c4d, Blender, maya, 3d studio, etc) to place the fulldome frame you'd like to preview onto a 3d hemisphere (assuming I understand your intent here correctly), and render out a projection from whatever angle you'd like, at whatever resolution you need for your purpose.

      If you don't already have such an application, then Blender's a good option, since it's free...although I don't use it, and so cannot give you a recipe for doing this. I suspect the idea is similar regardless of the software tool used, although the steps will vary.


      Chris Maytag
      Fiske Planetarium
      University of Colorado Boulder
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