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4131The Sun - Inside the Production

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  • Tom Casey
    May 1, 2013

      Home Run Pictures has just finished production of a new fulldome show for Buhl Planetarium. The show is called "Solar Quest" and was funded by the NASA Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) mission. Distribution will begin later this year.

      As part of the show, we needed to create a model of the Sun. We are very excited with the final results. One of our animators spent five months using Maya Fluids and tons of scripting to create a very realistic Sun. We are currently preparing one of our "Inside the Production" posts detailing the production for our Fulldome@HomeRunPictures web page. But we wanted to show everyone a preview of the sequence asap... so you can go to a temporary page and see a movie and a few higher-rez still frames.

      The NEW link is towards the bottom of the page...



      H o m e R u n P i c t u r e s

      Tom Casey
      President & Creative DIrector

      100 First Avenue Suite 450 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412-391-8200
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