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4060Planetaria as lecture halls

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  • stevecooper@...
    Feb 15, 2013
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      When I came up with the design idea for the Science Center of Iowa, got rid of the fixed seating and that opened it up for lots of events.

      Here's a thought just for fun:

      Put an 27 meter dome at one end of a 30 X 90 meter room. The half of the dome against the wall is fixed, the other half is suspended on a rail system, and can be slid to any position across the hall. You could have a complete dome and a lecture/dinner hall, or open it up and have two surfaces for larger lectures and other team building acivities. You could have immersive dinner events with a dance floor in the middle, etc.

      You would need really bright projectors, and more of them. Better have a built in alignment system, and no joy-rides on the dome (wouldn't want to smack it into the other half).