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4027Re: Seeking recommendations for 3D software

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  • Carlos Matias
    Jan 10, 2013
      Hi Fulldome Community.

      First : Best Wishes for this new year !

      My point of view about 3D software for fulldome creation is simple : the
      faster the rendering process, the more I'll focus on creation.
      So, using a 3D soft that handles 180 fisheye rendering out of the box is
      good for the movie quality. The problem is that some render engines wont
      make a good job on all the aspects of 3D rendering / textures / shaders.

      My actual choice is 3DS Max with V-ray (integrated VrayDome Camera) and
      Krakatoa Plugin for particle intensive rendering. Krakatoa has a camera
      modifier for fulldome rendering.

      I'm also testing the Clarisse Fx. It's not a modeler but some sort of
      after effect for 3D scenes.
      The Clarisse FX team just added support for fisheye rendering to 360°

      Best regards.
      Carlos Matias

      Amr El-Laithy wrote:

      Andy ,

      I'm working for planetarium post-production for 3 years now , based on
      our workflow in cinema4d , and it's nice . we start produce the dome
      master just like the old schools with the 5camera Rig which is working
      nice even now . then we start to use the Dome shader for c4d and other
      plugins.and i may publish one of my tutorials for how to produce dome
      master in c4d .


      From: Andy Dolph >
      To: "fulldome@yahoogroups.com "

      Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 8:46 PM
      Subject: [fulldome] Re: Seeking recommendations for 3D software

      I know that Alex Lindsay at Pixel Corps strongly recommends people
      start in Cinema4D for both learning curve and workflow reasons. I have
      a lot of respect for his opinion, but that's general advice, not dome
      specific and I don't know what would be required to get dome masters
      out of Cinema4D.


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      On Nov 29, 2012, at 12:48 PM, Drew Gilmore wrote:

      Hi all,

      First of all, by 3D I mean modelling and rendering 3D or volumetric
      objects - not stereoscopic shows. I have so far worked mostly in After
      Effects for show production and feel pretty comfortable there.

      We're now looking to add 3D animation to our production capabilities.
      I am realistic that we aren't going to produce a full,
      beginning-to-end, 3D modeled extravaganza right out of the gate (or
      necessarily ever), but it's time to enhance our tools and skills. We
      have been granted some funding for production software and training in
      the coming year, so we have a couple questions for those with experience.

      I know there are plenty of Blender fans out there, and I'm all for
      free stuff. But taking cost out of the issue, are there good reasons
      to favor 3D Max, Lightwave, Maya, Cinema4D or something else over
      Blender? Could I (as one person doing most of the visual work) get
      much more out of commercial software than I could out of Blender? Are
      there specific pros or cons, strengths or weaknesses for one package
      versus another - especially for someone just getting started?

      And without intending to start a holy war on the list, is there any
      consensus on which software package is more useful or more commonly
      used for fulldome work? It seems all over the map what people are using.


      Drew Gilmore
      Asst. Director
      Sudekum Planetarium

      Just a guy made of dots and lines.

      Carlos Matias
      Ph : +33 950 822 822
      email : carlos@...
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